Born for Joy   
Welcome to my website – a website devoted to healing. You may not know that our words "heal" and "health" have an ancient Greek root that is also root of the words “whole” and “Holy.”  Much of what is "Holy" ("Sacred") is beyond our human capacity to understand. But, here, we'll try.

I’m a retired doctor. I practiced psychiatry: patients came to me because they were suffering. Most knew something was deeply wrong -- that they were cut off from experiencing Life as beautiful and guiding.  Courageously, they shared their Stories with me. 

Listening to those Stories, relying on my medical education to help them heal, I discovered that my patients' perceptions could be trusted. They were right.  Their symptoms reflected exactly how painful, damaging childhood experiences neuro-biologically now prevented them from living joyously "guided" lives. Through the experience of caring for patients, I came to understand that we are all born genetically prepared to live joyous lives but that, sadly, adverse childhood experiences (ACES) prevent us from feeling and trusting that joy.

This recognition then led me on a journey to understand the fundamental basis of our human suffering. In other words, how did our beautiful, loving species come to so hurt and damage our own children?  I've learned that there's no one to blame -- but much to understand if we are going to heal.
This website is dedicated to those who, so generously, gave me their Stories.


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