Born for Joy   
Welcome to my website – a website devoted to healing. You may not know that our words "heal" and "health" come from words like “whole” and “Holy,” but such ancient wisdom reminds us that healing is "sacred."

Our brain is limited by its material nature. The physical wiring prevents us from understanding the "sacredness" of life.  Listening to each others' stories, however, we can understand the science of how painful experience can physically modify the developing childhood brain.

I’m a retired doctor. I practiced psychiatry. In other words, adult patients came to me worried by emotional anguish they could not understand. Most knew something was deeply wrong, and most were willing to tell me about their most personal human experiences. They told me their "Stories."

Using my medical training, I listened carefully to these rich, personal "Stories." Quickly, I found I could fully trust essentially all my patients.  They became active participants in their healing.

Most of my patients started feeling their symptoms as children. Their healing proved that, rather than reflecting illness, the symptoms reflected genetically normal adaptations to profoundly abnormal childhood experience. Like other animals, humans are born prepared to be guided by feelings and emotions.  Our advanced brain size and intellect demonstrate our human reliance on careful "parenting." Our long human childhood allows us to be taught both patience and the skills that define our species. Acutely sensitive, the developing childhood brain is also highly vulnerable. The neuronal mechanisms that protect a child from feeling inescapable pain, also result in the symptoms suffered by so many.

This website is dedicated to those who generously gave me their Stories.


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